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🎅Early Christmas Sale🛸Double-Sided Multi-Color Matching Toy

🎅Early Christmas Sale🛸Double-Sided Multi-Color Matching Toy

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❤️WOW🔥 Whether adults or children work and study pressure irritable, spinning ball toys are a perfect relaxation tool.😎



  • This is not just any toy; it's an educational marvel. 

✨ Discovers the joy of problem-solving

🌈 Explores the world of colors and patterns

🧠 Improves concentration and attention span

🤹‍♂️ Develops coordination and fine motor skills


  • Stress Relief Toys

This toy is great for stress and anxiety relief, giving your restless mind a stop, an educational ball game for adults and kids. Suitable for restlessness, anxiety, concentration, ADHD, autism, etc.,


  • Exciting competitive gameplay

Our magic beans have a variety of ways to play, supporting both single-player and multi-player games. Children can play together, exercise, and build friendships~

  • Game rules
  1. Single player, leisure and entertainment (just sort all the colors of the magic beans, you can also set goals for yourself, timing mode)
  2. Multiplayer, competitive mode (you can set a time, multiple players start to restore our magic bean toys at the same time, the first one to complete wins and can win prizes)
  3. In multiplayer and team mode (you can set different rules, such as specifying the pattern to be fought, or in relay mode, one person can spin 5 times, and then replace the next person, and the first one to complete the game wins).


  • Improve Relationship

When you play rotating finger cube with your friends, kids or lovers, it can enhance your relationship with each other and cultivate a tacit understanding. Also your kids plays with other kids, it can promote the relationship with each other and strengthen the friendship.

  • Anti-slip design

The spinning magic bean toy is designed with protruding particles on both sides, which can not only increase the friction with hands to achieve anti-slip effect, but also massage kids and adults hands.

  • Upgrading massage design

Toy can roll massage with uniform force, focus on massaging small areas without damaging skin, and can massage neck, arms, thighs and so on.


  • How to play

Magic bean fidget toy have 4 D-shaped concave holes carefully designed, and each groove has multiple beads. By pushing the middle module to move or rotate, magic beans can move and rotate back and forth, disrupting the beads of different colors, and finally making each groove have only one color.


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🎅Early Christmas Sale🛸Double-Sided Multi-Color Matching Toy