About Us

Welcome to julyandme

We are an online store, established three years ago.

Commitment and a number of manufacturers and logistics companies to establish a long-term stable relationship of cooperation. Our company has won the trust of customers with strong strength. Not only that, we abide by the letter, abide by the contract as the priority, with diversified, high-quality products and preferential prices to attract a large number of customers. We offer free shipping worldwide when you spend more than $39.99 on our site.

Our products include clothing, toys, beauty, furniture and variety. In our company, you can buy many convenient and practical products. We value diversity of people and ideas as much as personal style. Being open to the people and world around you leads to positive energy and creates an inclusive and welcoming workplace. Our inclusion and diversity initiatives reach communities around the world and lead to positive change on a global scale.

As these are ongoing, if you have any questions or experience accessibility issues, please contact our customer service team (support@julyandme.com). We will make every reasonable effort to address your concerns. Thank you for choosing to shop with us!

Whatever you need, it's here, okay